Saturday, as our front stays stuck to our west we get another hot, and potentially record breaking, day across the region. Highs will climb to the to the mid and upper 80s for most with a few breaking into the 90s once again. A few storms and showers are liable to pop up during the afternoon just due to the hot an humid conditions, but a lot of the day looks dry.

Sunday our front passes through in the morning hours bringing rain with it by the afternoon. Severe weather is unlikely with this system, but we will definitely see another round of fairly heavy rain. Highs in the 70s.

Monday, more showers and a few storms are possible as front exits. A washout is unlikely but be prepared for a cloudier and unsettled day. Highs in the upper 60s and low 70s.

Tuesday, we get mostly clear skies back and even end up a few degrees warmer across the region with highs approaching the mid 70s. A much nicer day than Monday!

Wednesday, we run the risk of a handful showers and storms as a warm front lifts through the region. Rain all day is unlikely, regardless there’s a decent chance we won’t see much sun due to clouds pushing in with the front. Highs will climb back to the upper 70s.

Thursday, thunderstorms are likely as a cold front moves through the region during the afternoon. Our severe weather potential is low this far out, but this will be another day worth keeping an eye on as the forecast evolves. Highs in the 70s.

Through the extended forecast, we’ll stick to the 70s. A few more shots of rain are trying to work their way in through the end of the 10-Day but for now nothing looks to certain and forecast is leaning drier.

Severe weather season is here, so make sure your thoughts are turning to preparedness! Refresh your emergency kit and grab that NOAA weather radio that’s still on your shopping list. We’ll continue to keep you up-to-date on the forecast so you can stay weather aware.

The Spring Fire Ban remains in effect. Remember you can only burn after 5 PM and before 7 AM each day. All fires must have a safety strip and you can only burn grass trimmings, leaves, brush and other vegetative materials. The fire must be attended at all times until it’s completely extinguished.

A few afternoon storms. Highs in the 80s and 90s.
Stormy, cooler. Highs in the 70s.
Rain at times, cloudy. Highs in the 70s.
A few clouds. Highs near 70.
A few showers. Highs in the 70s.
Showers and storms. Highs in the 70s.
Lingering showers. Highs in the 70s.
Leaning drier. Highs in the 70s.
Chance for rain. Highs in the 70s.