One More Quiet Day


Tonight is another quiet one. Clear skies will allow temperatures to drop back into the low and mid 20s yet again to start off the day tomorrow. Dress warmly if you are heading out after dark. Temperatures will drop very rapidly through the evening.

Thursday we keep it quiet, and sunny for everyone. Highs will likely be the warmest of the week this day with many into the 40s an possibly even a shot at the low 50s for the coal fields. High pressure to our south is at it’s peak strength at this point in the week.

Friday is when we change it up. Temperatures will be close to the 40 degree mark, but we will be cloudy and rain and snow are both possible throughout the day. It doesn’t look to be widespread or particularly heavy, but this is the start of a more active and cooler pattern.

Generally unsettled conditions continue behind the front into Saturday. Moisture is getting brought down from the Great Lakes which means we have a good set-up for some widespread upslope snows to occur through the western half of the region. It’ll be noticeably cooler too as highs are only expected into the 30s for most.

Sunday some lingering snow showers remain a possibility but chances are low. Still a bit brisk for most with highs in the low to mid 30s across the board, winds at least are dying down at this point making being outdoors slightly more bearable.

Monday, quieter but still cloudy weather settles back in for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, unfortunately it’s still going to be cold despite a southerly winds best effort to bring in some warmer air. A linger morning snow shower will be possible. A southerly wind here is at least an indication in the extended forecast of some warmer days ahead.

Tuesday see’s some slow improvement in the temperatures but in reality it just brings us up to average as we head towards the middle of the week. Clouds remain in the forecast forecast which will hinder us getting any warmer.

In the extended forecast, we’ve seen on and off signals for stormy weather to originate somewhere in this time period. While there is more agreement for a storm to form, there still is not a lot to be said about what type of precipitation is likely with it!

Clear and chilly. Lows in the 20s.
More sun. Highs in the 40s.
Dry to start, but rain and snow moves in later in the afternoon. Highs in the 30s and 40s.
Snow showers. Highs in the 30s.
Lingering morning upslope snows. Highs in the 30s.
A few snow showers. Highs in the 30s.
A quiet day. Highs in the 30s and 40s.
Trending quieter, but still cloudy. Highs in the 40s.
Looking stormy. Highs in the 40s.
Unsettled again. Highs in the 40s.

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