Sunday starts with a chance of a few early mountain flakes, but a partly sunny sky in the afternoon is likely. If you are planning on going outside, dress warmly as we start in the teens and twenties, only reaching just below the freezing mark by the afternoon. Wind chills will be an issue once again. As the sun sets and Hanukkah officially begins, it will certainly feel like the holiday season as we drop temps back into the teens and twenties.

Monday is more of the same with sunshine and very cold air. Temps do increase over Sunday but not enough to get excited about. We start the day in the teens with afternoon highs getting back into the 30s.

Tuesday remains dry with a few fair weather clouds here and there. Temps are still frigid as we work our way out of the teens in the morning to the upper 30s, low 40s by the afternoon.

FIRST DAY OF WINTER: Wednesday features partly cloudy conditions and southwest winds will help afternoon temps climb into the mid 30s with some upper 30s spots in the lowlands towards the southwestern parts of our region.

Thursday we’re watching for the potential of a decent snow across the two Virginias. Quite a bit of time between now and then so we’ll certainly keep you posted but overall, out mountains counties can expect a few inches of snow while the lowlands may see half an inch to 1 inch between Thursday and Friday. Temps might be able to get above the freezing point, but that means we could see more wintery mix! Either way, its something to think about if planning on traveling for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Friday will be yet another day where we will continue to watch as we could see some snowfall across West Virginia. Similar idea applies to Thursday where the mountains could expect about an inch while the lowlands will see a little less. Temps are trending toward being in the mid 30s with again will keep the chances of a wintery mix.

Saturday is currently gearing up to be the first day where we won’t see any chances of any wintery mix across the two Virginias, which means the first day where we will get a break. But be on the look out for the temps as they are expected to start dropping into the 20s by Saturday afternoon.

In your extended day forecast we have a bead on the holiday travel week and Christmas forecasts. Cold air will be in place by then so it’ll at least feel festive but black ice issues may complicate travel. We are also watching for the development of at least 2 systems that could bring us a wintery mix that week, including snow on or around Christmas day. We’ll certainly keep you posted!

We’re tracking your chances of a white Christmas for 2022! To be official, 1 inch of fresh snow must be on the ground on Christmas Day. While our chances are slim for many, our mountain counties have a good shot this year! Be sure to check back for updates as we get closer to the holiday weekend.

Still a few MTN flakes, but partly sunny afternoon. Highs in the upper 20s, low 30s.

Staying dry, still cold. Highs in the low 30s.
Sunny warming up a bit. Highs in the upper 30s, low 40s.
Still dry, still cold. Highs in the mid 30s.
Mostly cloudy day with a wintery mix possible. Highs in the 30s.
Snow showers, some sun. Highs in the 30s.
Mostly cloudy day but a COLD ONE. Highs in the 20s.
VERY COLD! Highs struggle to the low 20s. 
Mostly sunny but still VERY COLD. Highs only in the low 20s.
Partly sunny and temps gradually warm up. Highs getting back into the 30s.