September 2021: A look back at last month’s weather


BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Another month has gone by in a flash! We’re now on to October and wondering what even happened to September. If you need a refresher, we can help you out, but only with the weather.

September by any account wasn’t an exciting month, but that’s usually a good thing when it comes down to the weather. Excited weather is often dangerous weather. Both ends of the month were flanked by cool spells, while the middle of the month had a brief spurt of warmth with it. High pressure dominated, keeping us dry, with a majority of the rain we saw coming from just two days of the month. Overall, only seven of the thirty days in the month even recorded measurable precipitation. The nitty-gritty details continue below:


September rolled in right around average in Beckley. Falling just one-tenth of a degree short of the 1991-2020 climate ‘normals’ (64.7-degrees). We hit a peak of 83-degrees in the middle of the month on Sept. 18 and fell to our lowest point of 41-degrees just six days later on Sept. 24.

As always, it’s useful to compare it to some of our previous climate normals too. If we still used the 1981-2010 ‘normals’ (63.2-degrees), this would have been considered 1.4-degrees warmer than September should be. Compared to 1901-2000 climate ‘normals’ (63.8-degrees) this would have been warmer by 0.8-degrees. Notice how the other two consider this September to be warmer than expected, while our most recent update would consider this ‘cool,’ though just barely.


September was just another month missing the mark on the rain. We did see some rain and a pretty decent dose of it at times, but it still just fell short. We expect to see 3.2-inches of rain in September, this past month only brought us 2.38-inches. At this point, the only reason we’re not below average for the year is our shockingly wet August.

Regardless of the still underperforming rain, we did manage at least to go from a Moderate Drought at the beginning of the month, to being almost completely off the drought monitor as of September 30. A positive note to round out this monthly review.

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