Snow showers expected tomorrow


Yes you read that title right, we’re in for another round of snow showers tomorrow. But much like the beginning of November when we saw snow, it won’t amount to much if anything anywhere outside of the highest elevations. Not even everyone is going to see snow!

Most of tomorrows snow showers and mixed precipitation will be driven by upslope forcing. Simply put, incoming cold and slightly moist air will be forced up the western face of the mountains and ridges until it reaches it’s saturation point (i.e. when clouds begin to form). Once we get the clouds, eventually we’ll get snowflakes starting to fly through the air.

This process is part of the reason why only SOME of us will see snow tomorrow. Once the air makes it to the eastern side of the mountains, all of the moisture has already been squeezed out on the other side. Therefore, no more moisture, no more precipitation. Here’s an idea on how tomorrow is likely to play out. Some areas to the west of the white area might see some flakes but it is less likely!

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