TOYS FOR TOTS Friday we remain dry with sunshine and this time we bring back the warmth! We’ll see the 50s return across the region as we continue on our rollercoaster run this week. Clouds thicken later in the evening as another rain maker pushes in for the overnight hours. Be sure to stop by and see our 59News crew in Beckley, Fayetteville, and Lewisburg for our annual Toys for Tots drive!

Saturday starts with showers with a few heavy downpours at times. By mid morning we’ll transition to more isolated chances of rain through peeks of sunshine. Temps still on the warm side as we push into the low 50s.

Sunday we start the day in the 30s with a few clouds here and there but most of us will stay dry through the dayside of things. Temps push into the low to mid 50s once again.

Monday starts dry but a cold front brings heavy rain at times early afternoon. It’ll take its time passing through the region so we’ll stay on the warm side of things for now. Temps inch into the low to mid 50s range but sunshine is going to be hard to find on the back half of Monday.

Tuesday our showers continue for the morning with steady rain through the day. We look to stay warm enough to see all rain for the exception of the highest elevations towards our northeast where some icing can occur late Tuesday night. Highs still pushing into the low 50s.

Wednesday starts with a few lingering showers but we clear things up and bring back sunshine later in the day. Temps remain slightly above average in the low to mid 50s. A breezy day at times means it’ll feel a touch cooler while out and about though.

Thursday will be a chilly day with temps in the 30s to start but eventually warm into the mid and upper 40s. Sunshine will look nice but light winds will provide that early December chill at times so still jacket worthy weather.

In your extended forecast we’re tracking the potential of our first winter storm. Lots of variables surrounding what we’ll see in regards of snow, ice, or rain but we’ve got our eye on it and will keep you posted. Regardless, we look to cool down for the first full week of December making it feel much like winter around here.

Sunny and warmer! Cloudy late. Highs back in the 50s.

AM showers. Mix of sun/clouds/sprinkles PM. Highs in the low to mid 50s.

Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 50s.

Dry start with rainy moving in. Highs in the 50s.

Scattered showers most of the day. Highs in the 50s

Lingering showers but clearing overall. Highs in the 50s early than falling.
Sunny but cold. Highs in the 40s.
Rain/Sleet/Snow at times. Messy Day. Highs in the 30s.
Mtn snow showers, mixing elsewhere. Clearing late. Highs in the 30s.
Mostly clear, very chilly. Highs in the 30s.