Wildfires out west bring haze across the region


This still image from a NASA simulation shows the potential for wildfire smoke to drift into nearly every state by late this week. (Image credit: NASA)

Skies across the two Virginias have been hazy over the past few days, this is all thanks to the wildfires that have been burning for over a month in the western United States. The jet stream is responsible for transporting the smoke from the wildfires all the way to West Virginia. We won’t see bad Air Quality like in California, and Oregon, but we have the hazy skies and that will act like clouds and help to keep our temperatures cooler. How low will it keep temperatures? Well Tuesday, September. 15, 2020 the afternoon high in Beckley was 67 degrees, average is 73 degrees.

Other then the cooler temperatures and hazy looking skies we really don’t have much to worry about when it comes to the wildfires. The fires in California alone have burned over 3.3 million acres this year, with the largest wildfire on record happening this year, the August Complex fire, it burned more than 877,000 acres alone. In Oregon wildfires there have burned about 1 million acres. Make sure to keep everyone dealing with them in your thoughts.

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